a note on love, life, and relationships.

I know. I know I write on love and loss and relationships quite a bit. I know it might be strange to give as much relationship advice as I do since I’m the… Continue reading

4:10 pm.

I fall in love a little bit with every person I meet — their eyes, their heart, their passions. I see the good and I cling to it. and maybe that’s my biggest… Continue reading

to the hurt,

I’m sitting down with you today. I’m sitting down with you and we’re drinking coffee. “what is it today?” I don’t know what to say. I acknowledge your bags; you’re planning to stay… Continue reading

a garden.

I once had a garden that only blossomed on dark thoughts – self-deprication, self-harm, self-hate – but they needed constant attention, and one day I decided I had better things to do. so… Continue reading


sometimes I wish I could go back to a few moments, not to change anything, just to feel that way again. there’s something about the first time you stand in a field of… Continue reading

love language. 

I once dated a guy who spoke in touch;His love language was fluent, And one I struggled to learn. That same guy dated a girl who Loved in time. She’d drive an hour… Continue reading

for awhile,

everything hurt. it was a dull ache that manifested itself throughout my veins and settled within my bones. until one day, a voice inside my head leaned in and whispered, “you have to… Continue reading

9:20 p.m.

do you know what it’s like to want to kill yourself? to shed this shell of a human form you’ve haven’t quite settled into in years? because I do. and not surprisingly, it… Continue reading

untitled, pt. 2

your mother did not spend nine months – growing, forming, molding – your heart for you to let some boy break it in seconds. she did not hold your hand as you crossed… Continue reading

tell me ||

I don’t wish for small talk; not with you. I don’t want to know the weather where you are or if the deli down the street started selling your favorite New York style… Continue reading