Monthly Archive: January, 2017

a picture a day.

take pictures for me, okay? lots of them. wherever you are, I want to know what the sky looks like. you always loved a good sunset. I’ll take them for you too; of… Continue reading

for the broken-hearted.

there is more to life than him /her. there are cafes on cozy downtown corners with age old art and vintage lights and that waiter who always smiles at you when you order… Continue reading


if I could do my first love over again, I’d learn how to look in mirrors and start loving the person I should have loved first — me. I wouldn’t drown in the… Continue reading

dec. 8 //

you can decorate absence however you want — a new bar, a new boy, a new haircut — but you’re still going to feel what’s missing. it’s going to show itself late at… Continue reading