for the broken-hearted.

there is more to life than him /her. there are cafes on cozy downtown corners with age old art and vintage lights and that waiter who always smiles at you when you order… Continue reading


if I could do my first love over again, I’d learn how to look in mirrors and start loving the person I should have loved first — me. I wouldn’t drown in the… Continue reading

dec. 8 //

you can decorate absence however you want — a new bar, a new boy, a new haircut — but you’re still going to feel what’s missing. it’s going to show itself late at… Continue reading

an excerpt from a book I’ll never write.

remember those long summer days when you were out the door as soon as breakfast was over — popsicle juice running down your chin, swinging so high the clouds seemed within reach? and… Continue reading

december 19th, 2016

it was good for awhile — being empty. because being empty meant nothing hurt anymore. it meant no memory could touch me and nothing could pass through the walls I had so intricately… Continue reading

the thing about him/hurt.

“one more round,” she said, waving her shot glass in a circle. it’s been exactly two months, four days, 47 minutes since he walked out. like the remains of a burned down building,… Continue reading


the universe may have disguised you as just another human, but to me, I believe you’re made of some of the greatest undiscovered constellations. you’ve got stardust in your bones, a magic in… Continue reading

wave after wave.

the thing about depression is that it doesn’t arrive like a sunday morning. there’s no morning grace, no hallelujah, no slow to wake. when it hits, it hits like one of those bone-chilling… Continue reading

11:20 pm thoughts //

in·ti·ma·cy — in(t)əməsē/, noun; close familiarity or friendship; closeness, a private cozy atmosphere, an intimate act, especially sexual intercourse the connection between skin on skin, especially at first touch, is one that, until you experience it for yourself,… Continue reading

328 words; three things.

there are three things we need to learn how to say: one. “I love you” and I don’t mean just as an empty phrase, as a space filler. say it with feeling, and… Continue reading