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in·ti·ma·cy — in(t)əməsē/, noun; close familiarity or friendship; closeness, a private cozy atmosphere, an intimate act, especially sexual intercourse the connection between skin on skin, especially at first touch, is one that, until you experience it for yourself,… Continue reading

328 words; three things.

there are three things we need to learn how to say: one. “I love you” and I don’t mean just as an empty phrase, as a space filler. say it with feeling, and… Continue reading

21 lullabies for 21 years.

the friends you start the year with won’t always be the friends you end it with. people change, memories begin to stall. if someone isn’t improving your life, your mind, your soul, your… Continue reading


More than 800,000 people die by suicide around the world every single year. The numbers are hard to fathom, and they don’t even begin to tell the stories. These are fathers, sons, sisters,… Continue reading

A Celebration of Self

I want you to get up and stand in front of your mirror. No, don’t give me those “but I just took off my make-up” or “I didn’t workout today” excuses. It’s been… Continue reading

be undone. be unfinished.

Ask me what my favorite Instagram account to scroll through is, and I’ll easily say any of the fitness ones I follow. They’re the perfect motivation for those tough gym days and are a… Continue reading

Five Years Later

For the first year after, you’ll keep the blinds drawn tightly. Your phone becomes just another thing you carry around with you as you end each day with a plethora of texts you meant… Continue reading

The Power of Social Media

Do you realize that we, as the millennial generation, make up most of the demographic who are active on social media? We hold such an incredible power to change the way the world… Continue reading

Don’t Do It for the Insta, Do It for You; A Word on Spring Break

With spring break just around the corner (literally in five more sleeps, but it’s not like I’m counting), seeing a new “slimdown fast!” diet article pop up on my timeline is about as… Continue reading

When the Professor Becomes the Lesson: a Thank You

“When someone doubts you, when someone second guesses your standing – that’s the time to prove yourself. That’s the time to prove them f***ing wrong and let them know they have no power… Continue reading